Glenroyd Medical

Glenroyd Medical (Whitegate Drive)

Lines open 8.00am to 6.30pm


We have installed a Health Kiosk in our Reception area (opposite the reception desk) for our Moor Park patients to use. This will replace our old blood pressure machine.
The Health Kiosk will allow you to measure your:
🟠Blood Pressure
🟠BMI (Body Mass Index)
This is available for all of our patients to use at any time during our opening hours. You will be required to input some patient identifiable information initially. Our Receptionists are on hand if you do struggle.
All of your results are then printed out for you to keep and they are also sent electronically to us, for us to upload directly onto your medical record.
We will be installing a Health Kiosk at Whitegate Drive also, hopefully in the next few weeks.